St. Francis Xavier


81 North Carpenter Street
East Providence, RI
Tel: 401-434-1878                           Daily Masses
Fax: 401-438-1950
                         12:05 PM (English)
       6:00 PM(Portuguese)

     Saturday Vigil                            Sunday
     4:00 PM (English)                      7:30 AM (Portuguese)
     5:30 PM (Portuguese)                 9:00 AM (English)
                                                      10:30 AM (English)
                                                      11:45 AM (Portuguese)



I hope you’ll join me in thanking Fr. Scott for his many years of service as a priest and for the last five years as pastor of Saint Francis Xavier Church
and wish him well in his leave of absence from the parish to concentrate on his health. 

As parishioners let’s give Fr. Jorge our full support as he threads through uncharted waters until a new pastor is assigned.

Tony Amaral, Webmaster


2017 Feast
Main Celebrant:
D. Joao Lavrador
Bishop of the Azores


Msgr. Victor Vieira's
50th Anniversary Mass



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