Domingas - Irmandade de São Pedro


Domingas - Irmandade de São Pedro

The Domingas gives praise and glory to God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, and especially invokes the Holy Spirit that He might re-enliven His gifts, which we received at baptism, of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.

The first dominga family receives the crown and symbols on the Sunday after Easter. For the first dominga all who wish to accompany the crown and symbols from the church will meet at 6:00pm in the church parking lot to proceed to the family home/auditorium. The family will receive the crown on Sunday between 6 and 7pm.  When the crown arrives at the family home/auditorium a short prayer is said in welcoming the crown and symbols to the family home/auditorium and the Rosary will be recited when the family is ready. For the transferal of the crown to the next dominga the committee will meet at family’s home/auditorium to deliver the crown and symbols to the next family. 

There is also an optional dinner and auction, the Crowning Mass, the Mordomo’s Dinner, and of course, our own St. Francis Xavier Feast. For more information and guidelines, please click here.

Pensões from St. Peter’s Brotherhood

The pensões of the St. Peter’s Brotherhood is an Azorean tradition which consists in giving a large bread, large piece of meat (beef), a loaf of Portuguese sweet bread (massa sovada) and a bottle of Portuguese red wine to other parishioners, family and friends, and especially the needy. Going to church to receive a pensão is symbolic of the fact that we are spiritually fed at God’s house. The pensões may be picked up at Rego Auditorium on a date to be determined (check the bulletin and updates on our website).